JD Genius
Provides law students greater success in law school admissions
Features Used

Helping law students get into top law schools

JD Genius helps law students get into the best law schools in the US by preparing them for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Alongside their membership-based learning platform, we developed “drills” – a practice exam system that offers a true-to-life emulation of the LSAT exam.

To provide students with the most realistic environment possible, we replicated the look, feel and features of the real LSAT exam. For example, within a question, users can:

  • Answer a series of multiple-choice questions
  • Highlight important texts (and erase highlights)
  • “Rule out” certain answers to assist with the process of elimination
  • “Star” questions to return to later

Maximising student success

When the practice exam is over, students can see where they went wrong to help them to improve for the next practice, maximising their prospects for admission into law school. Students can review their scores, see which questions they got right or wrong, and “star” problematic questions to remind them to brush up on their knowledge later.

Track and monitor progress

The history tool helps students to monitor their progress over time, reinforcing the value provided by JD Genius and therefore keeping students engaged and subscribed to the platform for longer.