Increasing sales revenue by 225% with a new landing page

How landing page structure and customer focused copy can drive more sales.

  • 225%
    increase in sales revenue
  • Upselling
    became a reality
  • Simple
    design to facilitate growth

Not enough hours in the day

Our client found selling e-learning courses a challenge. Selling a course was a time-consuming manual process, requiring customers to “register their interest” for a series of follow-up calls/emails from the sales team. These unnecessary steps made it difficult for convinced customers to buy and start the course, ultimately thwarting sales.

Landing page built for conversions

Using the client’s current branding as a foundation, the design team worked on creating a new course landing page; one that focused on using a flow to guide their customer through the decision making process, 

At Plume, we have a tried and tested formula that can be applied to any course landing page that uses blocks to house vital information that customers need before they commit to a purchase. 

The aim was to move away from withholding information from the user and alleviate the pressure of sales off the course content creator. This meant that the client would then spend time with customers who were ready to make a purchase.

Following the launch of the new online course sales page, sales increased by just over 225%, from £1875 to £6100 in the first month alone and we have seen this growth maintained over time.

Sales copy based on outcomes

When it comes to writing effective sales copy it’s essential to focus on the benefits, not the features. From conversations with the sales team we were able to understand their learners goals and create copy that spoke to their needs.

By doing this, we were able to alleviate the pressure on the sales team who would spend their time answering basic questions about the course – allowing them to invest their time in closing sales.

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