In-person to e-learning: bringing existing training to the digital space

Online training, practitioner directory and customer forums for a shiatsu and massage training provider

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Online training for an established training provider

Wellmother provides face-to-face training for shiatsu and massage practitioners around the world. As the company grew, they wanted to provide a new form of training that would allow their clients to train and gain certificates in their own time.

A sustainable form of growth

Wellmother understood the benefits of providing online training. Not only does online training grant students the ability to learn at their own pace, but it also allows the company to train up more students without the need to provide additional teachers. This form of growth is more sustainable, allowing the company to train an unlimited number of students without additional expense.

Learner management system

We built on a flexible learner management system to allow Wellmother to create courses from text, audio and visual content. Students could then complete tests, communicate with other students and download their course certificates upon completion.

Building an inclusive community

Communication and community were key, so we implemented private course forums to allow students on the same course to help one another. A community forum also cuts down on the amount of one-on-one student assistance the company would have to provide.

A network of practitioners

The site features a comprehensive online directory. Following successful completion of a course, students are able to create and manage their own business listings. The system allows potential clients to search for practitioners in their local area and provides a way for practitioners and customers to communicate securely.

Multi-lingual support

Because the courses are available to users across the world, we created a bespoke translation system that would allow the company to translate relevant sections of the site in French, Dutch and Spanish. Users could select their location and the site would display the courses, blogs and informational pages available in their language.

Saving time, saving money

With the large feature set we were building, there’s no denying that the new Wellmother site would be complex. Without a system that would automate time-consuming tasks, management of the site would be costly and unfeasible. We had to implement automation that would save the company time and money.

Integrations with MailChimp would allow the system to send relevant information to users based on the course they enrolled in. For face-to-face training, the information provided would differ based on the course, location and date of the course. Sequencing allows us to create a series of emails that would be sent out throughout the weeks leading up to the training day, tailored to each and every user to ensure information was relevant.

To ensure that the practitioner directory was kept up-to-date, businesses would receive a yearly reminder to log into their profile and ensure the information provided was accurate. If a user did not confirm the information was up-to-date, the system would temporarily hide their listing from search results until they logged back in to verify their profile.

Payment notifications, order confirmations and payment reminders would all be handled by the system too. For users that paid a deposit, the system would prompt them that payment for the remaining amount was due, and would update the company regarding late payments.

Our commercial training client wanted to generate more revenue from their training platform. We explained that to generate more revenue, it’s often easier to provide additional value and services to existing customers, compared to bringing in more customers (which is often subject to marketing costs).

“Plume suggested e-learning ideas and solutions that I didn’t even know were possible.”

Suzanne Yates

Owner of Wellmother
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