Facebook-style Group Forums for LearnDash

All the functionality of a Facebook group integrated inside your LMS

Get groups engaged

Light-weight and built for social learning, our Facebook-style Group Forums plugin for LearnDash and other frameworks will give you the best functionality of a Facebook group without having to leave the comfort of your LMS.

  • Automated group creation
  • Notifications so that students never miss an interaction
  • Tagging
  • Nested replies
  • Likes
  • Flag comments for abuse
  • Moderation and post approval processes
  • Anti-spam and automatic AI moderation

Reinforce social learning

One of the most important components of e-learning should be reinforcement through social learning. With our Facebook-style group forums you can encourage users to share ideas with each other by posting links, resources, questions and activities.

Lightweight and super fast

Compared to other forum plugins, ours is lightweight meaning it won’t slow your system down or start to chug as you create more groups and add more content.


We’ve developed this Forum-style group plugin so that it will automatically create a group per cohort. This could be based on the courses you offer, the clients or the intake dates of students.

NOTE: If automation is not for you, you also have the autonomy to manage the group manually.

Control the content

Each group can have their own rules where you control the content that users can share (or not). From allowing anyone to post, to making every post go through an approval process, you define how and what information is shared.

  • How can I add this to my system?

    This plugin is only available to new and existing clients. To join us, you need to be on a hosting or maintenance plan.
  • Will it slow my system?

    We’re all about ensuring our clients offer a fast and reliable experience to all their users. While other similar plugins slow systems down, we built our from scratch to ensure no one has to experience slow loading times.
  • Is it secure?

    Absolutely. We update and maintain all our plugins to ensure your content and your users are safe.
  • I don’t have time to moderate every post, what can be automated?

    Yes. You can automatically accept posts and block or permit posts from specific users. We’ve also included a reporting too and anti-spam AI to moderate content on your behalf.