Cutting support requests with a knowledge base

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We reduced the load of a support team, saving money and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • 66%
    Fewer support requests
  • 40%
    Increased customer satisfaction
  • £19,000
    Saved in support costs

The problem

A helping hand for a struggling support team

Our e-commerce client hired a full-time support team of three people. However as the demand on their products increased, so did the demand on their support team. Our client had two options; hire another member of staff to join the support team, or work out a way to reduce the number of support requests coming in.

We suggested a knowledge base, allowing them to load up the system with answers for their most common questions, providing users with a tool to search for their own answers.

Allowing users to help themselves

A search tool allows customers to search the database for articles relating to their query. We built in video support too so that customers can watch and follow-along.

We stopped allowing customers to submit a new ticket to the support team unless they first attempted to use the knowledge base. Answers to the learner’s questions were answered on 33% of searches, which cut down support tickets by the same amount.

When a ticket was opened, the support team could quickly create a new article in response to the query, building the database and allowing all users to benefit from the content – further reducing the demand on the support team over time.

With a large reduction in support queries, our client was able to move one team member away from support, saving £19,000 in support labour.

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