Course authoring toolkit for all your online course delivery needs

Create engaging courses with stylised blocks for video lessons, course materials, discussions, webinars and more

Custom Blocks

We’ve created loads of useful blocks for course content creators, higher education institutions, academies and training providers.

Our course authoring toolkit features block for presenting text and media in creative ways including blocks designed specifically for:

  • Downloads and resources
  • Video lessons
  • Document preview with watermark
  • Audio recordings and podcasts
  • Webinars (hosted externally) with a countdown
  • Discussions
  • Lesson objectives
  • FAQs
  • Quotes
  • Course overview
  • Quizzes and assessments

Download blocks

Traditional download blocks are…*yawn*. We’ve stylised these blocks with unique icons for each document type to help your uses navigate through your supporting materials with ease. Goodbye trawling through document titles just to find that one excel spreadsheet referenced in the lesson.

Webinar + countdown

Course content creators and learners love integrated webinars. No need to leave the platform, download another video call app or create a login.

Plume Core example blocks

Audio recordings

Whether it’s an interview, podcast or song, audio recordings are a great addition to any course, adding variation to traditional e-learning materials. Why not try introducing yourself at the beginning of your course audio (no need for expensive camera equipment!)

Document preview with watermark

Protecting your IP has never been more important! With our (very cool) watermark document preview block you can share documents within your course without worrying about your copyrighted content being downloaded and distributed.


Done wrong, discussions become a wasteland of sporadic, out of date comments from users of yesterday year; we’ve all seen it. Done right, discussions can become a powerful social learning tool where learners and teachers can share ideas and reinforce concepts and theories.

Course overview and materials tabs

Designed to be used as a course overview, sort your lesson objectives or any other bullet points into one or two columns, complete with an additional tab for any course materials.

Content tab builder

Present related content together in neatly organised tabs. Add videos, text and images under headers which can easily be switched between at the click of a button.

Quotes and testimonials

An essential part of any course sales page or lesson, adding supporting materials in the form of quotes or testimonials is easy peasy and with these different style options, looks great (if we do say so ourselves).

Accordions and FAQs

Great for subsuming content into blocks that open and close, you can add as much text as you want to each section. We love using these for FAQs so that can easily be found on a page without users being overwhelmed by ALL the answers to EVERYTHING.