A powerful WordPress LMS combination

A fully integrated website and LMS, powered by WordPress & LearnDash.

    A combined, cohesive experience

    Often, learning management systems exist separately to the client website. While this makes sense for some of our corporate clients who would prefer a degree of separation, smaller businesses often benefit from an LMS that’s fully integrated into their main website.

    With this combination, there’s just one hosting bill, one set of logins and one set of contacts for all web/LMS related support.

    With this in mind, The Community Business School tasked us with the design and development their very own website/LMS combination, built on top of the WordPress CMS and LearnDash framework.

    LearnDash integration

    Our client was already familiar with LearnDash as an LMS framework and WordPress as a CMS, so we built their learning environment on top of it. We custom designed the learning interface to match their brand’s look and feel.

    Allowing CBS to use WordPress’ built-in page builder, we coded a number of custom blocks for the client to allow them to create their own courses without the need for complex coding or a separate page builder.

    • De York
    • Buttercup
    • Nebula
    • Banana Mania