Services we provided

It’s about the people

The collaborative learning LMS was designed during a time of isolation. When implementing the 70 20 10 model, 20% of a student’s learning happens through peer-to-peer social learning. But when we learn remotely, whether by choice or not, it can be difficult to learn from others.

A Reddit style forum

This LMS was designed to help people learn to code. Some users will be established developers looking to stay ahead of the game, while others will be learning the basics so that they can complete their side-project or their first development gig.

This audience don’t tend to rely on Facebook or Instagram for their social media fix; they use Reddit. So we designed the forum around the principles and structure of Reddit to ensure that new users are instantly familiar with the interface. The more familiar we can make it, the better the adoption will be.

A blog by the people

With such a heavy focus on the people, we felt that we could bring this user-generated approach to the editorial content too. Any user can create a blog and add them to their own blog, and especially high quality user-generated content can be promoted by the editors and pushed out to the whole audience.