Integrating Zoom to mimic a classroom experience with live webinars

Cave Academy is an online school providing students with access to animation, games and VFX courses that are designed and lead by industry professionals.

The challenge

As a 3D effects school with a roster of international teachers and learners, CAVE Academy needed to deliver a live learning experience that could be accessed remotely, for anywhere in the world. Without a custom LMS they found that they couldn’t deliver live webinars all in one place.

Our solution

There were 4 main components to approaching this;

  • Classes needed to be small with lessons delivered live
  • Lessons needed to be accessible through the platform without third party download
  • Students needed to be able to contribute through voice chat and comments
  • The process needed to be as simple for teachers to stream as it was for learners to watch

We built CAVE Academy a custom e-learning platform that integrated live webinars through Zoom directly into the system without the need for learners to follow a link or open third party software. With one login and in just one click, learners can join their lesson straight from their personalised dashboard, allowing them to learn, ask questions and contribute to their lesson as if they were in a virtual classroom.

The design

Using our online course sales page structure, we were able to create a custom design that incorporated all of the essential elements of the course, from a short overview, to a lesson breakdown, learning outcomes and a section on the tutor’s credentials. By having a fixed structure copywriters are able to create consistent sales pages that have purpose and direction – as well as all the vital information a learner needs to be able to commit to a purchase.

The ease of use

Notably, for this feature, populating the content in the back end needed to be as straightforward as possible with no way for editors to change the styling or layout. With just a simple copy and paste, the content added in the back end is transformed into a fully on-brand sale page in the front end with no styling or knowledge of coding required.

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