Helping learners achieve higher grades with assignments and feedback

Cave Academy is an online school providing students with access to animation, games and VFX courses that are designed and lead by industry professionals.

The challenge

Students need to complete weekly assignments that contributed to a larger finished product that would link into their final assessment/ grade. In order to keep learners on track and get the most out of the course having a feedback system in place was essential.

Our solution

As the lessons work towards learners building and producing models and designs, it’s important tutors have the ability to:

  • Set assignments and deadlines
  • Review coursework and assignments
  • Provide written feedback
  • Have a dialogue with the student to discuss specific feedback

Additionally, CAVE Academy wanted an internal messaging and feedback system that:

  • Is embedded in the platform
  • Allows learners to discuss lessons and assignments with their peers
  • Mitigates the need for personal information like emails and phone numbers

We created an assignment submission system, complete with a chat feature for teachers and learners to discuss their feedback. With learners able to see their deadlines and feedback from their dashboard it meant that students had total visibility over their coursework and schedule.

Creating a community

Similarly to creating a Facebook group, CAVE Academy wanted to create a community of learners on the same course. Instead of creating a community of a pre-existing third party platform, it was essential that CAVE Academy offer all the functionality for community, learning and assignments all within their own platform and this was achieved through a custom-built internal messaging system and forums.

Social learning

By allowing learners to message each other and contribute to a class-specific forum, they could ask questions, share ideas and work through hurdles; letting everyone benefit from shared knowledge and taking the pressure off of tutors. This also brings in social learning theories, giving learners an opportunity to regurgitate information and gain new perspectives on the learning materials.

Protecting privacy

By integrating everything in CAVE Academy’s learning management system we’ve mitigated any issues around sharing personal information between tutors and learners, allowing the platform to be truly international and adhere to data protection and storage.

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