E-commerce: Creating a shop for digital assets, right inside the e-learning platform

Cave Academy is an online school providing students with access to animation, games and VFX courses that are designed and lead by industry professionals.

The challenge

Students don’t always have the digital assets they need for specialist courses like the ones offered by 3D effects school CAVE Academy, that’s why creating a store with everything from texture packs to models was essential.

Our solution

We identified four key opportunities for CAVE Academy with the addition of an ecommerce shop in their custom LMS;

  • Upselling
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Cross-selling courses and products
  • Positioning the company as both reputable and supportive within the VFX industry

We built an online shop to boost e-commerce that integrated products with specific courses so that learners could see the products they’d need to work through their assignments. Not only were these products accessible in just one click from the course pages, they also linked up to the learner’s personalised dashboards so that they are fully prepared for starting their course.


Upselling opportunities

By having an online shop of high-quality products, we wanted to take advantage of cross-selling and upselling opportunities, pointing potential customers to course-related to products, as well as other courses.

Search engine optimisation

By having a shop of products, complete with their own e-coommerce pages indexable by Google means that CAVE Academy can capture relevant search traffic from people in their industry.

By Gaining traffic through to the shop, the rest of the website benefits from Google’s ranking, bringing the overall website up in the search engine results pages.

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