Producing a custom design template for easily editable course sales pages

Cave Academy is an online school providing students with access to animation, games and VFX courses that are designed and lead by industry professionals.

The challenge

As an international 3D effects school running multiple course programs simultaneously it was essential for CAVE Academy to be able to advertise and sell their courses through their own e-learning platform. This protects their revenue from third party sellers and allows them to optimise their content for search engines, helping them stand out.

Our solution

We had two simple goals:

  • Create a structure for the course sales page that aligns with sales strategies and the industry
  • Design a template that could be easy populated in the back end of the site, while looking on brand and consistent on the front end

We focused on maintaining our tried and tested online course sales page structure while aligning the design with CAVE Academy’s branding. By adding customisable fields and a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ layout to the backend, admins are able to add details of the course, lesson plan, tutor and other essential details without having to worry about styling or complicated techy stuff.


The design

Using our proven online course sales page structure, we created a custom design that incorporated all of the essential elements of the course, from a short overview, to a lesson breakdown, learning outcomes and a section on the tutor’s credentials. By having a fixed structure copy writers are able to create consistent sales pages that have purpose and direction – as well as all the vital information a learner needs to be able to commit to a purchase.

The ease of use

Notably, for this feature, populating the content in the back end needed to be as straightforward as possible with no way for editors to change the styling or layout. With just a simple copy and paste, the content added in the back end is transformed into a fully on-brand sale page in the front end with no styling or knowledge of coding required.

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