Building a subscription-based private members area

Creating loyal fans and building recurring revenue

Reliable revenue

Exclusive content on a monthly subscription

Subscription-based models are the future of modern businesses, allowing businesses to create a more consistent and reliable revenue stream. This has been true for movies and music since Spotify and Netflix, and this model is becoming prominent within training and education too.

We’ve built subscription-based members area for many of our clients as a way to generate recurring revenue, while also growing a community of raging fans.

Increasing value

Exclusive content for exclusive members

One of the most common ways we’ve introduced subscriptions into our client’s site is in the form of a private members area. Users pay a small monthly fee to gain access to a vast and growing library of content, whether in the form of articles, videos, competitions or even webinars.

Often these lower-value subscriptions exclude the main courses, but higher tiers can include full access to select courses in the system.

Building a community

A common way to increase the value of your subscription plan is via community-based elements. This can be as simple as a member’s Facebook group, forums or physical events. By allowing a way for your learners to share information and help one another, you can increase their reliance on your subscription and ultimately keep them subscribed as paying members for longer.