Pay-monthly video learning platform for ballet school

With limited growth potential on their existing platform, BalletBeFit asked us to build a system that would make their courses accessible to more people.

Custom Built LMS

Natural progression: outgrowing Kajabi

BalletBeFit had set up their learning environment within Kajabi, and while it originally seemed like a good approach, they quickly grew tiresome of the platform’s limitations. Design choices were non-existent, and functionality of the system couldn’t be expanded. This didn’t allow BalletBeFit to properly serve their customers, nor set themselves apart.

The client wanted to offer a variety of payment options including subscriptions and split payments in a bid to make courses more accessible to more people. And it was important to provide their community with exclusive members-only content and ways to communicate with one another.

None of this was possible with an off-the-shelf platform like Kajabi; a system built on the Learndash framework, with custom functionality and template design was the answer.

Optimised for sales

As a commercial trainer, it was important that the system didn’t just facilitate sales, but improved sales.

Our designers and digital marketers worked together to research and design a sales page that was optimised sales. Designed to highlight the course benefits and answer many of the questions prospects are likely to have, we can handle the objections potential customers have while persuading them to make the purchase.

When the decision is made, we make it more accessible to those who can’t pay in full, allowing clients to pay in three equal payments or on a subscription basis.

Intuitive assessments

Assessments reinforce learning and provide BalletBeFit with the metrics needed to improve their courses over time. We took Learndash’s quiz system and improved it with a fully custom design, ensuring it fully matched BalletBeFit’s brand and meets usability best-practices.

  • St Tropaz
  • Saffron
  • Mine Shaft
  • Desert Storm