Reinforce concepts and theories with discussions

Engage teachers and learners with discussions done right

Lesson discussions

We’ve all been there. You read an interesting article and you want to share your thoughts so you scroll down to the bottom only to find a post from 6+ months ago from a user who’s never going to respond. So how can this be done right?

We’ve built forum and Facebook Groups-style features into courses that promote discussion and engagement between students and teachers.

Features include:

  • Learner and teacher commenting
  • Nested replies
  • Attachments
  • Likes
  • Tagging and notifications
  • Report comments

Prompt discussion in your lessons

Actually get questions to the answers you pose to students in your e-learning content by adding our advanced lesson discussions to the bottom of your lessons.

Following design principles that focus on ease of use and familiarity, even the not-so savvy learner will be able to understand and navigate comments and replies with ease.

Keep students coming back

With tagging and notifications users can see when there’s been a reply to their post to keep the discussion alive.

Boost the confidence of your learners by creating a space for them to share their thoughts and ideas to others, and reinforce it with the addition of a like.