One dashboard to rule them all!

Unifying multiple plugin dashboards into one custom, on-brand dash

The challenge

Absolute Dogs had multiple dashboards for user profiles, certificates, purchases and affiliate areas which were difficult to locate and navigate from a user’s perspective. Our aim was to bring all of these separate dashboards into one cohesive dashboard that felt like it was part of Absolute Dogs.

The solution

Melding our design and development skills together, we firstly designed a dashboard with multiple tabs to house all of the information reported from each plugin, and worked to ensure each tab followed a consistent design language no-matter which plugin it belonged to.

Account information

One of the biggest drain on Absolute Dogs’ customer service team was making changes to accounts like email addresses and contact information. By enabling users with the ability to manage their own account we saved the team a significant proportion of time where they’d had to work through these types of requests.

“Our old platform felt like it was stitched together, and nothing really felt like it matched our brand. Thanks to Plume’s design and development team, they created a custom dashboard for users to control all aspects of their account and to easily navigate our training programs.”

Matt Rouse

Director, Absolute Dogs
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Orders and subscriptions

Whether it’s access to live training, resources or their Training Academy monthly subscription, we knew it was essential for users to have visibility over their orders and billing dates to track their upcoming purchases. No prompting required, we knew this had to be included.

Affiliate area

A big part of Absolute Dogs’ social marketing strategy and community building is their affiliate program which needed complex reporting stats made visible to individuals for them to track their progress and rewards. Read the full case study on the affiliate area here.