Want to join Plume, the UK’s leading custom LMS agency? We’re hiring remote developers and UI/UXers within the UK, US and Europe!

Our culture & values

It’s important to us that anybody we bring into Plume fits in with our culture and understands our values – so we can work happily together with clients and team members. Here’s what we believe in – and what our ideal candidates should believe in too:

Communication – Clarity across all teams and our clients is of the utmost importance at all times, so our processes are grounded in making sure everyone is in the loop.

Collaboration – Our process focuses on bringing in the right people at the right time. We work closely with our clients, genuinely valuing their opinions and giving them every opportunity to share their knowledge and impact the product. Internally, we encourage open lines of communication and tapping into each other’s expertise to get it right.

Creativity – Plume is renowned for its simplistic yet colourful designs with a focus on usability. As an agency, we are always innovating, testing and trying new things across all our departments and encourage new, fresh ideas at any time.

Consultation – As experts, it’s our role to guide and advise our clients into making the right choices for their technology. From Discovery to delivery and beyond, we ask thought-provoking questions to help us to deliver world-leading technology. If a project doesn’t feel right and you think that there’s a better way to approach something, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Question everything!

We’re hiring developers and UI/UXers

For development, we’re especially looking for frontend and backend devs experienced in WP, Drupal, Django, React and/or React Native.

For UI/UX, we’re specifically looking for somebody to support us in the early ideation and wireframing stages.

How to apply

Email [email protected] (include the +) to introduce yourself and share some of your work. Just so you know, our interview process includes 2 interviews and a 3-hr paid test project.