By Kaine Shutler

Managing Director

The four pillars of LMS scalability

In this video, we’ll cover the 4 pillars of LMS scalability crucial for any eLearning business aiming for exponential growth. You’ll learn: What ‘scalability’ truly means in an eLearning context, how to identify and avoid scalability issues that can hinder growth, and how to strategically plan for your organisation’s future. Discover how a scalable LMS can streamline your processes, enhance user experience, and ultimately, propel your business forward.
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  • User Experience (UX) Audit

    If user experience with your learning technology is hindering the learning process, it’s time for a UX audit. Poor UX can impact sales, user retention, and overall satisfaction while increasing customer service demands. Our audit identifies areas for improvement, boosting engagement, customer satisfaction, and retention.
  • Performance Testing

    Poor performance can tarnish your reputation and interfere with user satisfaction. Performance issues can arise anytime as your technology and user base evolve, often worsening over time. Our performance testing uncovers the causes of your product’s sluggishness, enabling us to devise a strategy to rectify these issues.
  • Process Audit

    Our process audit reviews your team’s usage of your learning technology, ensuring efficiency and efficacy. We’ll pinpoint areas for improvement, automation opportunities, technologies for enhancing your workflow, and ways to better utilise your existing technology.
  • Health Check

    If your technology is prone to errors, it can lead to increased customer complaints and reduced content engagement. Our health checks provide a thorough audit of your learning product, outlining steps to improve or resolve issues, thus enhancing the longevity of your technology and revitalising customer relations.
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