Recently we reached out to Breadcrumbs who asked: What’s ONE SaaS marketing strategy that you swear by?

Our Marketing Manager, Kelly Newcomb took the time to reply:

“I have one thing to say: case studies.”

“Do not underestimate the power of a case study. It doesn’t matter if it’s a household brand you’ve worked with, a case study provides a demonstration of, not just your expertise, but the VALUE you bring to your clients. Take our work with Career Masterclass for example. The case study has bought in a number of high-quality enquiries in the 2 weeks it’s been on the site. Why? Well, not only have we been able to showcase our design work, but the case study has also been able to capture leads from SERPs looking for Masterclass alternatives or a Masterclass-style LMS…and we just so happen to be dominating the search results because of this case study.”

“So my advice would be if there’s a client where you’ve delivered something unique, you think might be highly searched for or uses a notable brand/name: create a case study. It takes us approximately 3 working days to write, collate images and publish – the rewards: free lead generation for clients we know we can deliver on.”

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