Running the UK’s top custom elearning agency: Kaine Shutler’s interview with Course Method

Reaching out to Kaine for an interview, Course Method sought top find out what it takes to run a custom elearning agency like Plume.

Course Method reached out to Kaine Shutler, Managing Director at Plume to interview him on running the UK’s top custom elearning design and developing agency.

Plume is a niche design agency which develops custom elearning platforms for a range of clients from subscription-based businesses to corporate educators.

Since making the decision to specialise in elearning from generic web design in 2017 the business has gone from strength to strength, being recognised as the ONLY full-service agency here in the UK for custom learning management systems.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Kaine Shutler, is integral to the design of all our systems, using his knowledge of web design, UI, sales and marketing to produce the LMS we’re renowned for.

He’s been named as one of B2B Marketing’s 30 under 30, has received awards for his designs and has been featured in a number of on and offline publications providing advice on sales, marketing, web design and elearning.

To read the full interview:

Kaine Shutler

Founder & Managing Director

Kaine is the founder and managing director of Plume and the award-winning designer of many of our client’s products. Kaine’s 10 years of experience means that he can solve complex user challenges through creative interface design, and his work has been recognised by Interfacely and CSS Awards.

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