Messenger for LearnDash Plugin

Allow LearnDash students and instructors to communicate through your LMS.

We built the Messenger for LearnDash Plugin to allow learners and instructors to collaborate (away from the distraction of their email inbox). Build a community and allow learners and instructors to work together.

How can Messenger for LearnDash help you?

  • Allow learners to message one another to bring social and community elements to your courses – something learners are craving during these isolated times
  • Restrict learner communications to other people they share a class/group with
  • Allow learners to message your instructors with privacy tools to ensure instructors aren’t messaged by students they don’t teach
  • Global announcements to message all users important messages or promotions
  • Contacts list showing learners who they are allowed to message (hiding the ones they aren’t)
  • Email notifications so people never miss an important message

What does it look like?

During our setup process, we’ll brand up the messenger interface so that it feels fully integrated into your LearnDash LMS.

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Kaine Shutler

Founder & Managing Director

Kaine is the founder and managing director of Plume and the award-winning designer of many of our client’s products. Kaine’s 10 years of experience means that he can solve complex user challenges through creative interface design, and his work has been recognised by Interfacely and CSS Awards.

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