5 critical LMS scalability mistakes and how to avoid them [Free E-Book] (Updated October 2021)

This guide will help you to scale your LMS to 25,000 – 1,000,000+ learners

This guide is perfect for organisations that are looking to build a new, scalable LMS, that will support them through significant growth. 

It may also be useful to those who are looking to scale an existing LMS. However, scaling an existing system is often not achievable – so consider this throughout.

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The five common mistakes are:

Kaine Shutler

Founder & Managing Director

Kaine is the founder and managing director of Plume and the award-winning designer of many of our client’s products. Kaine’s 10 years of experience means that he can solve complex user challenges through creative interface design, and his work has been recognised by Interfacely and CSS Awards.

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