The merits of a learning management system lie in its sophisticated data organisation and reporting. To operate fully, it must integrate with your company’s existing systems.

When you are considering an LMS, it is tempting to concentrate heavily on the end user experience it offers and neglect questions about technical integrations. The learner experience is important of course, but when integration is not part of the LMS application users may face lengthy processes and high costs to manually integrate individual systems. After all, learning management systems are supposed to simplify the process of teaching and learning, not complicate it.

32% of the LMS users surveyed by Software Advice reported that their top challenge was integration conversion. They found that rigid learning management systems would not connect smoothly with their existing HR applications and platforms. This resulted either in expensive alterations to the LMS carried out by themselves or by external technicians, or in laboriously transferring other systems to the LMS.


LMS integration with Plume

The LMS solution offered by Plume is a highly flexible one which can connect to your applications and databases. Whatever changes you might make to this, we can be on hand to make sure your LMS evolves alongside.

If you have an existing CMS (content management system) in place, our LMS solution can integrate with it. This will allow you to transfer your organisation’s data into your LMS instantly. Integration between LMS and CMS also means that any future updates will copy across both systems automatically.

Another integration approach uses third party applications such as email and social. With our optional extension, Plume’s LMS solution can integrate with all sorts of third party applications. These applications and the LMS will then increase and strengthen the capabilities of each another.

Slack, for example, is an instant messaging application for professional teams. Integrating this with your LMS provides a simple way of co-ordinating efficient interaction between users and/or administration.

Likewise with Mailchimp integrations, Plume’s LMS solution can connect seamlessly with email functions. You can automatically add users to mailing lists, and send automated email notifications and reminders directly from their activities on the LMS courses.

Make life (and business) easier for yourself

An LMS that doesn’t get on well with your other systems will make operating your business much harder. An LMS that integrates happily with your CMS and social applications brings operations together in a smooth and organised way, with no extra hassle.