There is a common misconception that a Learning Management System is always a high investment solution, out of reach of businesses with a limited budget.

In reality, it is very possible to find Learning Management Systems for small businesses. Even for a relatively small user base, effectively utilising an LMS can make your business more efficient and save a lot of money in learning and development.

Co-ordinating learners and staff in a small business

Training courses hosted on an Learning Management System are much more time efficient than classroom style training sessions. Users can log on and complete their courses in manageable time slots and at their own pace.

Digital learning will take away the costs of travel and venue hire for traditional training. For internal training purposes, it saves hours of training and its flexible nature means that it will not heavily disrupt the usual work schedule of your staff. 

an LMS is a powerful tool to regularise your training content and maintain brand integrity

A Learning Management System is an powerful tool to regularise your training content, which is especially useful when your trainees are located in different places.  It also tracks user progress, so you know when all of your learners have completed the course and which aspects they found more or less challenging.

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Regular, centralised LMS training makes your business noticeably more effective

For franchises, this is a good way of maintaining brand integrity. When everyone in the wider organisation is well-versed in the same company mission and policy, it works like a well-oiled machine. From the customer perspective, it will also appear much more polished.

For example, someone who is running a local chain of cafes will need a strategy to train all their staff on the identity and principals of their brand, and keep them up to speed with company policy. Through an LMS they can be sure that all the staff have completed these courses, and the staff can also go back whenever they need to and check anything they are unsure about.

On a larger scale, global chains like PizzaExpress use Learning Management Systems as an all-in-one solution to all their training needs, starting with onboarding for each new employee and including periodic compliance training.

LMSs are invaluable centralising tools for small and large businesses alike

The LMS solution will differ with the scale of the enterprise and its learning goals, but the principal remains the same. Learning Management Systems provide an invaluable tool for centralising learning, brand identity and mission for small and large businesses. The right LMS choice for your needs will save money and make your business more effective.