Looking for The Best Strategy to Improve Learner Engagement? The answer is to Add a Pre-Course Assessment feature to your LMS

eLearning Choice Paralysis

Having a lot of content could be a great thing for many providers as it allows users to make a more informed decision and provides them with more choices. We all love to have more options to choose from, right? Well, when it comes to learning, sometimes customers can feel overwhelmed by the number of choices and decisions they have to make after they sign up for an eLearning course. This could be discouraging to both learners and your company. After all, so much investment has been made in both Marketing and the LMS platform development and the last thing you want is to lose your learners halfway through. This is where Learner Engagement becomes an issue and you’d need a clear strategy to tackle that.

Relevant eLearning Content

The other aspect to consider is relevancy and in this case, the first impression does count. The difference between losing recently signed-up learners and those that will take the first step to watch your content could be down to whether or not you are showing them relevant content.

What is Pre-Course Assessment and how it can improve Learner Engagement?

An LMS pre-assessment is a short questioner a user fills in when they first sign into your platform. Through asking a few questions about their current circumstances (interest, goals, positions), you will build a profile of that user to recommend content based on it. It simply powers a personalised course recommendation engine. Such engine solves the relevancy issue and drills down content to reduce the number of choices users face, in turn helping them and you at the same time. In addition, a well-designed form in itself invites learners to engage with your content and website. With this strategy, you have managed to show relevant content and improve learners’ engagement at the same time.

Other Benefits of Having a Pre-Course Assessment feature

  • Pre Assessment indicates to users that there is a smart engine behind the scene, improving confidence in the results
  • Differentiates your business from other platforms, something that can be used to attract more users in the first place
  • Provides you with a foundation to build persona’s based on content consumption and in turn gives you relevant upselling opportunities

As you can see the benefits of having such a feature are more than just improving Learner Engagement. It also helps scale your eLearning business and differentiates you from the competition.

Let’s review this feature in action!
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In this video, I will explain how this actually looks like using an example from our clients and how it helped improve their Learner’s Engagement.

Case Study

If you would like to see the full case study please click here to learn more:

👉Personalised learning experiences and B2B tools for an employee soft skills platform

Learner engagement strategy
Career Master Class Case Study – Click to review

How to add this feature?

If You are interested in having this feature added to your LMS, look no more. Plume is a Custom LMS Agency with Clients from all over the world. We have helped 100s of businesses to grow and scale through implementing eLearning’s best practices. We can design your pre-course assessment feature and improve your learner retention. We would love to have a chat about your project.

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