Avoid the deprioritisation or mediocracy of your LMS or learning app

Starting a new LMS or learning app project can be a daunting experience. There’s a lot to consider and creating a plan that your stakeholders can agree on is one of the earliest challenges you’ll need to overcome. 

Many organisations fall at the first hurdle. Perhaps their learning technology plans get permanently deprioritised without stakeholder buy-in. Or the sheer volume of considerations overwhelms your team, causing you to compromise and settle for a restrictive SaaS.

We’re here to stop learning technology mediocracy. And Discovery is your ticket towards learning technology superiority and a faster/better ROI.

Create an achievable plan with expert support

Our facilitated workshops and consultation (spanning around 4 hours) allow your stakeholders to collaborate with a team that has created over 200+ digital learning products. You’ll work with consultants, user experience experts, course creators and developers to create an achievable plan that will build momentum and fast-track your success.

With this plan in place, your organisation will: 

  • Get the ball moving quickly and attain stakeholder buy-in
  • Speed up planning, design and development for quicker time to market and ROI (and reduced costs)
  • Avoid trial and error and replace with data-driven decisions, ensuring your initial release works better and harder for you
  • Gain clarity & direction with help from the experts
  • Make your MVP feel more like a fully-fledged product
  • Escape the “LMS hopping” cycle by making the right technology decisions early on
One way we may present the product roadmap in a way that your team will understand

What’s included in the Discovery workshops?

We’ll design a Discovery plan that works for you, but plans typically include:

  • Preparing for success
    • Assessment of your current solution
    • Understanding the root cause of your challenges
    • Setting clear and measurable objectives
  • Creating an achievable product roadmap
    • We’ll share how we’ve solved similar challenges in the past
    • Build a scope of requirements and setting priorities based on your goals
    • Select appropriate technologies to build your product
  • Improving the user experience
    • Understanding customer problems through support tickets, surveys and interviews
    • Ideation to design user flows and wireframes
    • Testing and iterating including usability testing with your customers
    • User testing of wireframes

One of the designs from the UX process for Rebelway

What happens after Discovery? 

With the project plan in place, your project will be good-to-go, with more efficient fulfilment by our designers and developers. If you choose to move forward with us, the cost of Discovery is offset against the full project.

What’s the fee?

Preparation & product roadmap workshops start from £500 combined and are completed over 2 days.

User experience options typically range from £2500 – £20,000 – we can work to a budget that you set and prioritise the most important aspects of the process.

Email [email protected] for a quote.