Navigate the complexities of custom LMS development

Initiating a new learning management system can be an intricate process, laden with choices and critical decisions that require meticulous research and planning. A seemingly minor decision in the beginning can manifest into significant setbacks down the road.

Without expert guidance, here are some of the challenges you can expect when planning your own LMS:

  • Lack of stakeholder buy-in: The absence of executive support can sideline your learning technology initiatives, leaving you with inadequate or old-fashioned systems.
  • Bad decisions that stick: A single incorrect decision, such as choosing an incompatible technology stack, can cripple the effectiveness and reach of your learning. And being tied into multi-year contracts means there may be no way out.
  • Inability to scale: Inadequate planning for growth can result in infrastructure limitations, efficiency bottlenecks, and unwieldy costs that hinder your growth.
  • Costly reworks and misalignment: Rectifying mistakes or being misaligned on the scope results in redoes with additional costs and months of lost opportunities and time.

Create an achievable plan with the experts

We’re trusted by Google and 200+ other global brands to elevate the standard of learning technology. Our made-to-order solutions empower organisations to fully realise their educational potential, eliminating the pitfalls commonly associated with off-the-shelf options.

Just like an architect will create a blueprint for a building, our consultants will create a blueprint for your learning technology based on the goals of your business and needs of your customers.

Spread over 2 workshops, the Blueprint allows you to:

  • Make the right decisions:  Ensure that your tech grows alongside you, and never holds you back.
  • Minimise disruption: Lack of stakeholder buy-in or mid-project “spanner in the works” can be avoided by ensuring all stakeholders agree to the plan they helped to build.
  • Launch quicker and save money: Literally half your development costs and avoid disruptive migrations by getting it right the first time.
  • Avoid trial and error: Replace “finger-in-the-air planning” with data-driven decisions, ensuring your LMS works harder, performs better and lasts longer.
  • Ensure plans are realistic: Your plan will be achievable against your budget and timelines, guided by a team who can keep your project on track and recommend alternatives in realtime.
  • Know what you don’t: Our expertise, data and experiences means that we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll also make recommendations that you didn’t even know were possible.

Our proven 6-step Blueprint process

01_Discovery workshop

Each triumphant technology initiative kicks off with a comprehensive grasp of your organisational objectives, as well as the requirements of stakeholders, customers, and end-users. Our group workshop serves as a catalyst, focusing your team’s attention on pivotal considerations and furnishing us with the insights needed to offer optimised solutions.

02_Scoping & design workshop

Hundreds of your requirements are documented and delivered via ClickUp or spreadsheets.

In this collaborative session, your team joins forces with our seasoned consultants and engineers. Together, we’ll map out a feasible scope of requirements that aligns with your objectives, budget, and timelines. Each critical requirement will be dissected for complete transparency, and then prioritised based on its potential impact on achieving your goals.

03_Lofi wireframes and hifi prototypes

Building upon your feedback, our UX designers will wireframe each screen of your LMS, incorporating both innovative and time-tested concepts to shape a top-tier user experience. As we progress, high-fidelity prototypes will breathe life into these designs, confirming that we’ve accurately captured and executed your vision.

04_4 Pillars of Scalability

Focusing on Infrastructure, Workflow Efficiency, Affordability, and Agility, our specialised LMS scalability framework ensures that we eliminate the four primary roadblocks to meaningful expansion. This approach equips you to fully unlock your organisation’s growth potential.

05_Technology framework match

By aligning your specific needs with an open, adaptable technology framework, we’re able to deliver approximately 400% more of your requirements, accelerate your launch time by 75%, and significantly cut your ongoing costs. Additionally, we’ll suggest complementary technologies like CRMs, analytics platforms, automation systems, subscription management tools, and video hosting solutions to elevate your product’s capabilities.

06_Costs and timelines

Should we determine that we’re the right fit for your LMS project, we’ll present you with a comprehensive breakdown of costs and timelines for a full-service development. Rest assured, there’s no obligation on your part. If for any reason we opt not to proceed, you’ll still receive all the Blueprint deliverables, enabling you to take your development plans elsewhere.

Reviews from our clients

“We’ve seen a 300% increase in course completions – and the Blueprint ensured that you fully understood the vision that we had.” – Russell Groves, Training Sensei (UK)

“It seems that the sky is the limit -whatever I want to do, Plume seems to be able to do it. You’re like a well-oiled machine!” – Seida Wood, JD Genius (US)

Our Blueprint experts

Kaine Shutler, Founding Director
14 years of strategic and design experience having worked with Google, Reddit and all of our major clients. Kaine will typically lead throughout the Blueprint project. 

Michael Weed, Senior Developer
Ensures your project is scoped in detail, drawing from his experience planning the technology builds for our Fortune 100 clients.

Cost-efficient Blueprint packages

Each progressing package takes you incrementally closer to your launch goal. Should we transition into the full development phase, your costs for these initial packages will be credited against the total project expenditure, making for a more cost-effective journey. Prices ex VAT.

+ Scalability
+ Wireframes
+ Prototype
Discovery workshop
Gathering information and collaborating on scoping/ideation
Scoping & design workshop
All requirements are detailed and broken down into a 3-phase roadmap
Lo-fi wireframes
First-draft wireframes to visualise key requirements
Hi-fi prototype
Full-project UX/UI process leading to a complete prototype of product
Futureproof your tech with scalability consideration from the outset
Technology framework match
Assessment of appropriate technology frameworks to reduce costs
Costs and timelines
Costs/times for us to develop, maintain, host and support the tech for 1 year (assuming our services are a fit)
Time to delivery
The average time we need to finalise the deliverables
1 week2 weeks2–3 weeks3–6 weeks
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