Kaine Shutler Named 30 under 30 in B2B Marketing Award

A huge congratulations to our MD, Kaine Shutler for being named one of the 30 Under 30 in B2B Marketing.

Thanks to his passion for marketing and sales within the digital landscape – the team at B2B Marketing were incredibly impressed by his dedication to going above and beyond for his clients, and supporting the continuous growth of his employees.

In Kaine’s submission he stated:

“What we offer is something truly unique. I began designing websites back in 2011, and now we deliver a bespoke full-service package. We are the only UK-based custom digital training technology developers but it’s our designs and marketing services that continue to attract and retain all manner of customers beyond those in the elearning sector.”

“I never went to uni but have managed to build a market-leading business that I’m extremely proud of in a sector that is notoriously competitive. We’re not just a marketing or elearning agency. We’re a hybrid, delivering custom…everything!”

“Customisation, personalisation and expertise are the key factors that should be at the core of any marketing and design agency – and I’m proud to say we deliver these things to the highest degree, with every client.”

B2B Marketing released their own biography on Kaine following his award:

Kaine’s bio by B2B Marketing for 30 under 30 Award

View the list of winners on the B2B Marketing website and get in contact with us if you need consultancy, design or development work for your LMS or website.

Kaine Shutler

Founder & Managing Director

Kaine is the founder and managing director of Plume and the award-winning designer of many of our client’s products. Kaine’s 10 years of experience means that he can solve complex user challenges through creative interface design, and his work has been recognised by Interfacely and CSS Awards.

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