In the wake of Coronavirus (COVID-19) schools and workplaces are shutting down in response to the government’s recommendations. While stopping the spread of the virus is the main priority worldwide, businesses and educational institutions are faced with the challenge of providing an intermediary solution that will allow students to keep on learning, and employees to keep on working.

Priority setup

If you’d considered an LMS in the past, our simple LMS solution will get you online in a day. We are waiving our “rush fees” during this period for a limited time.

Get a learning management system in a day

Our response to this global pandemic is simple: We need to step up and ensure that business and schools don’t grind to a halt. We need to ensure that people have access to the resources and support they need. And we need to respond quickly.

Coronavirus is a very real threat to our health but it shouldn’t cut us off from connecting and learning. Now more than ever we need to explore the digital solutions available so we can overcome the pandemic without losing our livelihoods.

We’ve spent time developing a simple LMS solution but with the current climate wish to offer this without the additional cost for Priority Setup applied to those that need to get an LMS in a day. Our e-learning platform will give you all the essential features you need for a learning management system so you can continue to provide your learning remotely.

How long will it take to set up an LMS?

With our learning management system, or LMS, you could be set up in one working day. We recognise the need to act quickly during this time and can offer you an e-learning platform that will allow you to deliver digital training within 24 hours.

This solution is both quick and easy, and makes the perfect starting point for schools, entrepreneurs and training academies, that need to be reactive and move their digital learning online.

What will the e-learning platform offer?

Our solution provides the essential functionality from the get-go including:

  • Course creation
  • Media management; video, photos, text, resources
  • User management
  • Payments and payment plans
  • Reporting

Over time, and as your needs develop, we can build and add-on new features as you require them. We have a number of examples of advanced features that we’ve built for our clients in the past based on their specific requirements. With a Needs Analysis we can always explore some options for future iterations of your LMS – which we could design and develop further down the line.

What will it look like?

Our simple learning management system is just an example of how yours could look. We have the ability to adapt the LMS to suit your branding and, with time, design and develop your system and its features to give you a bespoke e-learning platform.

What if anything needs to be changed?

We’re happy to discuss a phased launch and explore your options from the first exploration call with the team. In that call, we’d like to establish the minimum viable product (MVP) and identify any ‘nice to haves’ that you might want to introduce over time. This allows you to get set up more quickly.

Our systems are built for scalability (and elasticity) and can grow and reform as needed. We understand that requirements change over time and we’ll continue to always factor this in.

How easy is it to use?

Populating and managing your LMS should be easy so we ensure that the back end of the website is simple and intuitive for all users. However, we’re always on hand to provide you with training and answer any questions.

What about hosting and maintenance?

We offer hosting and maintenance as an optional extra. We always suggest that you stay with us for the first 3 months to help with the launch of your LMS. This is a crucial period for any design/ development tweaks after which time you may choose to stay with us or move elsewhere.

As part of our maintenance package you’ll get;

  • Monthly updates to your site and any plugins
  • A monthly health check report so you can see what we’re optimising and why
  • Hours which you can use for support, design or development as you wish
  • Access to a project management platform that keeps track of everything all in one place
  • Quarterly strategic meetings
  • Access to our support desk

How do I buy the LMS?

It’s easy, just get in touch with us and one of the team will be in touch to book an introductory call with you. 

We can move as fast as you on a project like this, so if you’re ready, so are we.