Development and education are essential for our own personal growth, and while we should seek out knowledge for our own self, there’s also a strong case for businesses to get on board with learning and development.

Benefits of engaging with learning and development

Personal development

As we’ve mentioned before, the need to learn and grow is ingrained in us all. We seek knowledge and find a sense of satisfaction in consuming information in any form such as YouTube videos, documentaries, books and articles just like this one. 

Career growth

Taking the initiative to upskill ourselves opens doors for us career progression. With better skills comes increased earning potential and career mobility, allowing us to move into new roles and industries.

Learning and development in the workplace 

Skilled workforce

A better-skilled workforce provides businesses with a lot of opportunities. When weaknesses are addressed through learning and development programs in the workplace the business can diversify by targeting new markets or further establish itself by specialising within its niche.

Employee happiness

Knowledge and growth contribute to a sense of satisfaction, particularly in the workplace. If employee happiness and company culture is being measured by HR, employee training can contribute to improving this. When an employer invests resources in an employee it shows that the business both trusts that person and sees long-term value in them being part of the business. 

Employee retention

Employee happiness is key to employee retention. When you invest in the development of your employees – whether that be diversifying their skills or targeting their areas for growth – it shows a level of both appreciation and dedication to that employee.


With training comes consistency in the quality of the work delivered. Whether this is due to everyone having the same level of understanding of their subject matter, or from a process point of view, there’s no doubt that learning and development fortifies the quality of work.

Delivering learning and development through an LMS

Delivering learning and development programs through an LMS is a great, cost-effective way of providing tailored training to employees for the following reasons:

Provide custom training

Every business needs to deliver customised training to its employees and although this can be done face to face, it’s not without its limitations (see below). An elearning platform, tailored to your branding and populated with your custom training materials, compliance documentation and processes is the most convenient way for your employees to receive your learning and development training in the modern age.

Reduce reliance on face-to-face

We touched on this in a previous blog, but in case you missed it: face-to-face training poses more problems than benefits for the modern business. Expenses (like travel and accommodation), fixed times/locations and the need for people to be out of work is both restrictive and expensive.

Want to improve your training talk to us about how you can implement a learning and development programme through a custom LMS here.