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  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jun 23 2021

    How to create learning pathways in your LMS

    Learning pathways are essentials for keeping your learners engaged by delivering the right content to them at just the right difficulty level.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jun 18 2021

    14 ways to keep your learners engaged in e-learning

    Drop off and disengagement can be detrimental to your revenue and perceived value of your course. Use these 14 techniques to retain your learners.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jun 10 2021

    What’s ONE SaaS marketing strategy that you swear by?

    Recently we reached out to Breadcrumbs who asked: What's ONE SaaS marketing strategy that you swear by?

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jun 02 2021

    Sticky systems: Features guaranteed to reduce churn

    Make your system stick with these features guaranteed to help you reduce churn and increase dependency on your system.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 15 2021

    Stop wasting time. Here are 7 ways to power up your LMS with CRM integration

    Integrating your CRM into your LMS is a no-brainer. Save time on support costs and maximise your ROI.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 03 2021

    Integrations in e-learning: Your questions answered

    In this blog we cover all your FAQs about possible integrations with your LMS.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Feb 16 2021

    Six of the best email automation sequences for e-learning with examples

    Learn how to engage, onboard and sell to your users using these example email sequences.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jan 18 2021

    The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online Course Sales Pages [FREE EBOOK]: Updated Jan 2021

    In this guide we cover everything you need to know about how to sell courses online and create copy for an online course sales page.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jan 14 2021

    Techround reaches out to Plume for more SEO advice

    Going beyond voice search, we took a deep dive on how web content should align with how our customers speak.

  • By Guest Post on Jan 05 2021

    10 steps for creating amazing content to build a solid subscriber base

    If you want to build a solid subscriber base, you'll need to be strategic about how you create your content.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Nov 18 2020

    Boost sales and engagement with these 7 email templates for LearnDash Notifications

    Check out these preformatted email templates for LearnDash Notifications.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Sep 21 2020

    Plume’s marketing team defines the SEO trends for 2021

    If your content isn't catering for voice search in 2021, you might find you lose out on valuable traffic to your website.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 31 2020

    Marketing needs to be part of your plan to scale, here’s why

    Scaling up your LMS is great, but you need a solid marketing plan in place to continue that growth

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jun 09 2020

    The four pillars of selling online courses

    Why not try some of these ideas to help you sell more online courses?

  • By Kaine Shutler on May 04 2020

    The benefits of having a Digital Roadmap

    With a Digital Roadmap you can visualise the stages within your project that will help your business reach it's end goals.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Apr 28 2020

    30 days of free-learning

    In May we'll be sharing 30 days of free e-learning resources, expert advice and exclusive offers to help you on your e-learning journey.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Apr 16 2020

    Create recurring revenue from your online course with subscriptions

    Using these three key principles for a successful subscription model, create guaranteed recurring revenue from sales of your online courses.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 19 2020

    10 tips to help you sell more courses while you work from home 

    If you are offering courses through an elearning platform right now, here's how you can sell more online courses while you work from home.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Mar 18 2020

    The importance of social selling and employee advocacy: Kelly’s interview with SoAmpli

    SoAmpli reached out to our Digital Marketing Specialist to get her insight and tips on social selling and employee advocacy for small businesses.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jan 23 2020

    Sharing our SME social media secrets with RBS Business Hub

    Check out our quote as featured in RBS Business Hub's social media marketing secrets, aimed at SMEs looking to up their social media game.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Dec 19 2019

    Our Monthly WordPress HealthCheck: What does it all mean?

    If you're on a monthly support plan here's what to expect from our monthly WordPress Healthcheck. Learn more about it and the steps you need to take.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Sep 09 2019

    Online course marketing tips for selling more courses and increasing your revenue

    Once you've created an elearning course you need to sell it using these course marketing techniques.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 06 2019

    Reduce churn rates for SaaS apps by educating people how to effectively use your solution

    Retaining customers beyond the trial period is one of the biggest struggles for SaaS apps. Could an LMS be the solution?

  • By Kaine Shutler on Mar 26 2019

    WordPress slow? 10 practical tips to scoring 99/100 on Google PageSpeed

    I got 99 problems but a slow Google PageSpeed ain't one.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Feb 26 2019

    4 ways an LMS makes GDPR compliance training easier

    Why use a learning management system for GDPR compliance training?

  • By Kaine Shutler on Jan 31 2019

    5 super-easy tips to increase elearning course engagement

    Engaging your learners can be difficult, let us help you demystify it!

  • By on Aug 01 2018

    Competitive advantages of LMS for training companies

    Offering eLearning on a Learning Management System (LMS) will give your training company something special for your customers to enhance their learning.

  • By Kaine Shutler on May 15 2018

    How bottom website navigation can improve usability and increase sales

    Four reasons why we're shifting to bottom navigation.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Apr 18 2018

    Speed: how we design super-fast websites

    Faster sites generate more traffic and and convert more of that traffic into paying clients.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Apr 18 2018

    Boost your website’s conversions using session recording

    Increase conversions by fixing visitor pain-points.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Apr 18 2018

    How to use Instagress: how I got 697 REAL Instagram followers in 7 days

    Who doesn't want 100 followers a day?

  • By Kaine Shutler on Apr 18 2018

    High-risk retailers: The only payment gateway for human hair extension retailers

    Overcoming hurdles on our quest to find a payment gateway that doesn't prohibit the sale of human hair extensions.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Apr 04 2018

    Save money, make more: the surprising power of conversion tracking

    Video Tutorial: Essential for professionals to make the most of their marketing budget.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Apr 02 2018

    How to segment Mailchimp lists using WooCommerce product variations & SKUs

    Get up and running in 30 minutes

  • By Kaine Shutler on Mar 22 2018

    Get more traffic: SEO explained in 60 seconds

    How SEO can help you generate more traffic to your site.