Course Creation

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jun 30 2021

    Everything you need to know about VR in e-learning right now

    Read our quick digest that'll teach you everything you need to know about the applications of VR in e-learning right now.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jun 23 2021

    How to create learning pathways in your LMS

    Learning pathways are essentials for keeping your learners engaged by delivering the right content to them at just the right difficulty level.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jun 18 2021

    14 ways to keep your learners engaged in e-learning

    Drop off and disengagement can be detrimental to your revenue and perceived value of your course. Use these 14 techniques to retain your learners.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jan 18 2021

    The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online Course Sales Pages [FREE EBOOK]: Updated Jan 2021

    In this guide we cover everything you need to know about how to sell courses online and create copy for an online course sales page.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Oct 14 2020

    How to launch your LMS: The ultimate guide (updated October 2021)

    How do you go about launching your LMS. With this guide we'll walk you through the process of phased launches and bug reporting.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 01 2020

    What are the main features of an LMS…and which are custom?

    Our LMS share a lot of features with off-the-shelf systems at no extra cost, do you know which features are standard across most platforms?

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 07 2020

    Do you need a custom LMS from Plume?

    Before you take the plunge, learn more about exactly what a custom LMS can do for you.

  • By Kaine Shutler on May 04 2020

    The benefits of having a Digital Roadmap

    With a Digital Roadmap you can visualise the stages within your project that will help your business reach it's end goals.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Apr 28 2020

    30 days of free-learning

    In May we'll be sharing 30 days of free e-learning resources, expert advice and exclusive offers to help you on your e-learning journey.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Apr 16 2020

    Create recurring revenue from your online course with subscriptions

    Using these three key principles for a successful subscription model, create guaranteed recurring revenue from sales of your online courses.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 19 2020

    10 tips to help you sell more courses while you work from home 

    If you are offering courses through an elearning platform right now, here's how you can sell more online courses while you work from home.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 10 2020

    How does instructional design work?

    Build better online courses by understanding your users/ learning objectives, and translating your learning into a digital format with instructional design.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 06 2020

    How a Needs Analysis can save you time and money on your elearning project

    Taking the time to complete Needs Analysis we get to understand your business and end-users, to create an in-depth report that will save you time and money.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Nov 21 2019

    Eight key advantages of learning and development

    Here's why learning and development is essential for personal growth and happiness.

  • By on Nov 12 2019

    What is elearning? A complete guide

    What is elearning? How does it work? And more...

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Nov 01 2019

    The importance of continuous learning in elearning content

    Continuous learning is a key framework in learning and development - here's how you can create course content to support it.

  • By Guest Post on Oct 22 2019

    How To Make Your Employee LMS More Engaging With Great Copywriting [Guest blog]

    Employee training is essential for upskilling your employees - but unengaging training results in low retention. Here's how you can spice up your content.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 16 2019

    Benefits of the 70 20 10 model: how to include social and experiential learning in your online training

    Learn how to use the 70 20 10 model to create better online courses and learning experiences for students

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 04 2019

    SCORM vs. Tin Can xAPI: A simple guide to everything you need to know

    What is SCORM and how does it compare to Tin Can xAPI?

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Sep 09 2019

    Online course marketing tips for selling more courses and increasing your revenue

    Once you've created an elearning course you need to sell it using these course marketing techniques.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 27 2019

    20 reasons you need a custom Learning Management System

    If you thought out-of-the-box LMS were the be all and end all - think again!

  • By Kaine Shutler on Aug 14 2019

    Creating an eLearning Platform for Curated Content

    Course content doesn't have to come at a price.

  • By Dominic Alder on Jul 23 2019

    How to create engaging e-learning courses & digital learning material

    Guest blogger Dominic Alder, Digital Learning Materials Developer, gives his top tips on how to create engaging e-learning courses.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Jan 31 2019

    5 super-easy tips to increase elearning course engagement

    Engaging your learners can be difficult, let us help you demystify it!

  • By Kaine Shutler on Jan 31 2019

    E-learning design inspiration: designing a user-friendly course interface

    An e-learning interface that keeps out of your learner's way.

  • By on Oct 04 2018

    Why make social learning a part of your training?

    Utilising social learning in your training makes a huge positive difference in training results and student satisfaction.

  • By on Sep 19 2018

    Healthcare training on an LMS: 7 features to look for

    A learning management system is an invaluable platform for healthcare training, relieving the strain of training busy and numerous practitioners.

  • By on Sep 14 2018

    Make informal learning count: xAPI and the future of digital training

    Training courses often overlook the impact of informal learning because they don't have the means to record or assess it, but technology like xAPI could amend this.

  • By on Aug 24 2018

    Blended learning: the best of both worlds

    Combining face-to-face classroom training with digital training, blended learning is agreed to be the most effective teaching strategy.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Aug 22 2018

    SCORM is dead – what are the alternatives to SCORM?

    There's no reason to use SCORM in 2019 - here's why...

  • By on Aug 20 2018

    4 ways to turn digital learning into active learning

    Active learning is the most effective way of understanding and retaining information. But how do we bring this into digital training?

  • By on Aug 13 2018

    What do different learner types mean for training design?

    Our different personalities naturally extend to the different ways we learn best, so how can a learning designer create a course that works for everyone?

  • By on Aug 13 2018

    Gamification for online training

    Gamification means structuring digital learning around a game-based model, and it makes for a fun and much more effective user experience.

  • By on Jul 25 2018

    Microlearning: how it can change your training strategy

    What is microlearning and what can it bring to your learning strategy? In the past few years, the concept of microlearning has transformed eLearning.