Instant AI-powered search for Learning Management Systems

In-built search functions on most learning management systems tend to frustrate users for three key reasons; they’re slow, they’re stupid and they often present search results that users cannot access due to their permissions.

Instant AI-powered search for LMS’ powered by Algolia solves this, delivering real-time hyper-relevant results as the user types their query.

Here are 8 benefits that AI powered search can bring to your LMS:

  • Search results are instantaneous – presenting “as-you-type” results
  • Spelling mistakes and synonyms still generate accurate search results without manual tagging
  • Search results work in any language, even if you haven’t provided translations
  • Filtering allows users to find specific types of content (such as videos or courses), or filter by other metadata such as authors or dates
  • Custom ranking allows you to promote certain types or pieces of content
  • Gain powerful analytics to help influence what content you produce next
  • Algolia indexes all of your LMS’ data and searches performed by your customers uses Algolia’s servers – reducing strain on your LMS/server
  • Total design flexibility – we can brand it, customise how results are presented and add in new meta (such as author names or thumbnails)

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Kaine Shutler

Founder & Managing Director

Kaine is the founder and managing director of Plume and the award-winning designer of many of our client’s products. Kaine’s 10 years of experience means that he can solve complex user challenges through creative interface design, and his work has been recognised by Interfacely and CSS Awards.

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