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  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jan 18 2021

    The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online Course Sales Pages [FREE EBOOK]: Updated Jan 2021

    In this guide we cover everything you need to know about how to sell courses online and create copy for an online course sales page.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 26 2020

    LMS Scalability: How to grow your online training platform without compromise?

    If your system isn't scalable, you can't grow to meet your business' and users' evolving needs

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 25 2020

    Plume wins Premium Usability and Rising Star Award

    Take a look at FinancesOnline's comprehensive, in-depth review of our platform and services.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Feb 16 2021

    Set up email automations for e-learning using these example sequences

    Learn how to engage, onboard and sell to your users using these example email sequences.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jan 14 2021

    Techround reaches out to Plume for more SEO advice

    Going beyond voice search, we took a deep dive on how web content should align with how our customers speak.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Jan 10 2021

    5 critical LMS scalability mistakes (and how to avoid them)

    Scalability should be considered from day one and it's easy to overlook how these elements of an LMS build can affect growth down the line.

  • By Guest Post on Jan 05 2021

    10 steps for creating amazing content to build a solid subscriber base

    If you want to build a solid subscriber base, you'll need to be strategic about how you create your content.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Nov 24 2020

    Bug fixing – who pays for it?

    Bugs are inevitable when developing a software product. We explore who owns the burden of a bug.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Nov 19 2020

    How we keep your data and your system secure

    Everything that you need to know about your system's security

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Nov 18 2020

    7 engagement boosting email templates for LearnDash Notifications

    Check out these preformatted email templates for LearnDash Notifications.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Nov 11 2020

    How to create automated emails in LearnDash (Video)

    Watch our video on how to setup and create custom email notifications on LearnDash.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 29 2020

    How to use iterative development to create the product of your users’ dreams

    Developing with iterative development in mind will allow your team to create a product that's entirely fit for purpose; saving time and money

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 20 2020

    Guest blog: How to make online learning more engaging and interactive

    "Ensure the design incorporates everything that users will need to access in a way that’s clear, easy to navigate, and succinct."

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 01 2020

    Guest blog: How to increase average session duration

    Goodfirms recently contacted us to learn more about how to improve average session duration

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 01 2020

    What are the main features of an LMS…and which are custom?

    Our LMS share a lot of features with off-the-shelf systems at no extra cost, do you know which features are standard across most platforms?

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Sep 21 2020

    Plume’s marketing team defines the SEO trends for 2021

    If your content isn't catering for voice search in 2021, you might find you lose out on valuable traffic to your website.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 31 2020

    Marketing needs to be part of your plan to scale, here’s why

    Scaling up your LMS is great, but you need a solid marketing plan in place to continue that growth

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