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  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jan 17 2020

    How to build a course sales page to sell more online courses: A comprehensive guide

    In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about how to sell courses online and create an online course sales page that'll guarantee conversions.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Jan 03 2020

    Plume named one of Bristol’s businesses to watch in 2020

    Plume has been highlighted as one of Bristol's businesses to watch in 2020 and we couldn't be prouder. Bring on 2020!

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Dec 19 2019

    Our Monthly WordPress HealthCheck: What does it all mean?

    If you're on a monthly support plan here's what to expect from our monthly WordPress Healthcheck. Learn more about it and the steps you need to take.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Nov 26 2019

    9 Reasons why you need a UK LMS Developer

    Finding an LMS dev is tricky, so why settle for someone who isn't a UK LMS developer?

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Nov 21 2019

    Eight key advantages of learning and development

    Here's why learning and development is essential for personal growth and happiness.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Nov 12 2019

    What is elearning? A complete guide

    What is elearning? How does it work? And more...

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Nov 01 2019

    The importance of continuous learning in elearning content

    Continuous learning is a key framework in learning and development - here's how you can create course content to support it.

  • By Kayleigh Alexandra on Oct 22 2019

    How To Make Your Employee LMS More Engaging With Great Copywriting

    Employee training is great but it needs engaging copy to succeed.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 16 2019

    Benefits of the 70 20 10 model: how to include social and experiential learning in your online training

    What are the benefits of the 70 20 10 model in elearning

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 14 2019

    Web Release: Why elearning is the future of employee training

    In our latest guest blog Kaine Shutler looks at the benefits of elearning

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 08 2019

    Kaine Shutler Named 30 under 30 in B2B Marketing Award

    Web release: Kaine's recent award win from B2B Marketing

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Oct 04 2019

    SCORM vs. Tin Can xAPI: A simple guide to everything you need to know

    What is SCORM and how does it compare to Tin Can xAPI?

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Sep 09 2019

    Online Course Marketing: Tips for selling more courses and increasing your revenue

    Once you've created an elearning course you need to sell it using these course marketing techniques.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 27 2019

    20 reasons you need a custom Learning Management System

    If you thought out-of-the-box LMS were the be all and end all - think again!

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 14 2019

    Creating an eLearning Platform for Curated Content

    Course content doesn't have to come at a price.

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