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  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 25 2020

    Plume wins Premium Usability and Rising Star Award

    Thanks to FinancesOnline's in-depth review of Plume's services we've won two awards.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 09 2020

    How to build a course sales page to sell more online courses [FREE 30-PAGE GUIDE]

    In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about how to sell courses online and create an online course sales page that'll guarantee conversions.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Sep 28 2018

    5 common mistakes to avoid when choosing a learning management system

    The right approach to LMS implementation is crucial to your online training success.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 07 2020

    Do you need a custom LMS from Plume?

    Before you take the plunge, learn more about exactly what a custom LMS can do for you.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Aug 01 2020

    Want to see examples of our work? Check out our case studies

    We’ve had the honour of working with innovators looking to change their sector with a custom LMS

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jul 27 2020

    Running the UK’s top custom elearning agency: Kaine Shutler’s interview with Course Method

    Reaching out to Kaine for an interview, Course Method sought top find out what it takes to run a custom elearning agency like Plume.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Jun 17 2020

    How do I prevent password sharing on my e-learning system?

    Reduce account sharing by following these tips

  • By Kaine Shutler on Jun 10 2020

    Why do I need software training videos?

    Software training videos could reduce enquiries to your support desk by over 60%, while increasing customer satisfaction - saving you time and money!

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Jun 09 2020

    The four pillars of selling online courses

    Why not try some of these ideas to help you sell more online courses?

  • By Joss Hutton on May 04 2020

    The benefits of having a Digital Roadmap

    With a Digital Roadmap you can visualise the stages within your project that will help your business reach it's end goals.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Apr 28 2020

    30 days of free-learning

    In May we'll be sharing 30 days of free e-learning resources, expert advice and exclusive offers to help you on your e-learning journey.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Apr 16 2020

    Create recurring revenue from your online course with subscriptions

    Using these three key principles for a successful subscription model, create guaranteed recurring revenue from sales of your online courses.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Apr 09 2020

    How will technology affect education during COVID-19 and beyond: Interview with Education IT Reporter

    Education IT Reporter reached out to us for our prediction for the future of students education following COVID-19 and global school closures.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Mar 25 2020

    Messenger for LearnDash Plugin

    Build a community and allow learners and instructors to work together.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 19 2020

    10 tips to help you sell more courses while you work from home 

    If you are offering courses through an elearning platform right now, here's how you can sell more online courses while you work from home.

  • By Kaine Shutler on Mar 18 2020

    The importance of social selling and employee advocacy: Kelly’s interview with SoAmpli

    SoAmpli reached out to our Digital Marketing Specialist to get her insight and tips on social selling and employee advocacy for small businesses.

  • By Kelly Newcomb on Mar 16 2020

    Teach online with your own Learning Management System set up in 1 day

    During this global pandemic we understand the need to get online.

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